Donate has been subject to having to use cash money to pay for what are called "expenses" and "taxes". You may find it outrageous that we should have to pay for food, clothing, and shelter, and you may believe that we deserve to have anything we want for free, which is probably because you think we are Sasquatch ourselves. To clarify the point, we do not live in a cave or tree or the spirit world, and we do not eat nothing but freshly caught fish and squirrels, finished with a nice cup of schnapps, because we are not Bigfoots. Maybe you think we should go live in a cave or tree instead of asking for donations, and maybe you are right, but how would we update this website from there? How indeed. brings truth to the internet by publishing Sasquatch-related stories without fear or favour. You can help support our independent media by donating financially.

Our organisation exists because of the work of volunteers who have contributed hours to building from the borrowed HTML... up.

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