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Kaushik Narasimhan for @kazarelth (121546823105126400):

...the best place on the internet   after 4chan. [which is a much better thing than being 4chan itself]

Doc Leecher for @globalinfowatch (114387246853009408):

I don't know what the heck @kookscience & @louddetective are doing in their etheric labortories, but I dig this:

Dakota Crane for @louddetective (114361807388426240):

The Patterson-Gimlin Film Was An Inside Job bumper sticker exists!!! thanks to @kookscience for spreading the truth!

David Metcalfe for @davidbmetcalfe (114189203025297408):

"The Patterson-Gimlin film was an inside job" - via @kookscience @louddetective